Easy Vegetable Chow Mein

Close your ey… Nevermind that would only work if you were listening to me rather than reading this. Okay… instead just imagine yourself chomping down on a big bowl of noodley, vegetably, tasty goodness! Now you’ve imagined my dinner tonight. My freshman 15? Mainly caused by chow mein from Panda Express. Having Panda Express on our meal plan was not good for my waistline last year. A lot changes in a year though. Over this last year my view of food has changed dramatically. I have so many aspirations for my future. Food Aspirations. Or shall we say “foodspriations” πŸ˜‰ Though I know I probably wont be able to conquer them all, that will not stop me from having them. I want to try making so much from scratch. I believe that stepping away from processed foods will help me, as well as those I feed, in a healthy and wholesome way. I want to have a garden, and grow my own food. I want to try everything! I know it will be hard but isn’t it at least worth a try? So why am I not doing all this right now? The major reason is a lack of equipment. I see so many recipes on pinterest, but I just don’t have the capabilities at the moment to perform them. I wish, but for now I can only dream! How did I get off on this? It is because I believe that homemade food is so much better for you than processed food. Recently my eyes have opened to how much chemicals are put into our food that we don’t even realize. Anyways, enough of the rant, on with the food!

This dish is incredibly easy to make and can be adapted to whatever you have in your pantry! So although I’m following a recipe for this post I will definitely be adapting the ingredients to Christian’s and my tastes! Being college students we have a lot of ramen packages sitting around. He doesn’t like to eat ramen plain and I love chow mein so it works out! Normally on Wednesdays I like to utilize my crock pot. I have a night class from 5-7:30pm and by the time I get back I’m not really in the mood to cook. But since I wanted to use up that leftover half cabbage before it had a chance to go bad, (like I said I’ve never purchased one before so I wasn’t sure as to how it would hold up, plus who knows how long vegetables just sit before they get to the customers homes). However this recipe is very quick so it still worked for tonight. I found this recipe for Easy Vegetable Chow Mein online. To make this recipe a bit more hearty, I am going to use a can of corn, chop up my last two carrots, put in a can of mushrooms, add some eggs, of course cabbage, and a bit of cashews. I also added another package of ramen because in the past we have tried just two packages and sometimes it doesn’t completely fill both of us up. I am feeling extra hungry today so just to be sure we’ll add the extra package. If it is too much, no worry we will just have leftovers!

chowmein1 chowmein2

How did it turn out then? AMAZING. I added a bit of extra spices to it and it was awesome! It had just the right amount of kick, give it a try! I don’t have much more to say this time! I would definitely make this again! Oh, and the cabbage was appreciated much more in this recipe! πŸ™‚


Thank you for reading!!


2 thoughts on “Easy Vegetable Chow Mein

    • In the post I mentioned that we would have leftovers, but we didn’t we ate almost all of it it was so good. And then we complained that our bellies were too full afterwards. A good price to pay for indulging!
      Thank you for reading!


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