Creamy Parmesan Rice

Risotto is categorized as being a dish that is hard to conquer. I have attempted making traditional risotto once. It didn’t turn out so well. Having to stir in wine one scoop at a time just seemed like it was more trouble than it was worth. If you have the patience for this, you are better than I am! Maybe if the end product had turned out better I would think it would be worth the struggle, and maybe one day I will give it another try but it would probably still be awhile until that happens.

The reason why I’m telling my risotto woe is because this dish is very similar to risotto, without the hassle!!

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The first time we tried this dish, we were amazed. We knew that this had to be added to our meal rotation. However, like always we have to put our own twist on it. We haven’t made this dish the same way twice ever, and we have made it quite a few times. Every time we make it a bit different. This time we added: one can corn, one can mushrooms, half a bag of frozen broccoli (fresh would’ve worked better), and the rest of that sausage from our Cabbage and Sausage Skillet we made the other day.


All the ingredients are in just waiting for the rice to cook!

rice4All done!!


This dish is definitely worth a try! Plus it’s very easy to add in your own twist to it, just add it in the beginning of the recipe when it says to brown the onion. We have used onions in this dish before and you don’t even notice them! That’s a good thing for people like us who aren’t the biggest fans of onions.. but its also great for parents who are trying to trick their kids into eating veggies! They don’t notice them and they get a serving of vegetables, win win, right?

You could try adding a lot of different things to this dish. In the past we have tried things that have worked really well, and others that haven’t. Certain ones that didn’t work were: Carrots, frozen asparagus, (we think that fresh asparagus would be amazing though, our freezers just do something wonky to frozen vegetables for some reason.) and I think those were the only two we haven’t liked.

However there are certain ones that I do think would work well: some chopped baby spinach, bell peppers of any color, peas, green beans, and fresh asparagus like I mentioned above, the options are almost endless! If you find a combination that works well please let me know what you did! I’d love to hear it!

On a side note a few weeks ago we drove two foreign exchange students to Wal-mart so that they could grocery shop. Today they gave us a gift to thank us. They didn’t need to but it’s really nice that they did. They gave us 4 Pineapple cakes. I had never heard of them before but apparently they are a popular treat in Taiwan where they’re from. I think that is so awesome. I love learning about different cultures and the different foods that they eat, but sometimes I don’t feel like I can’t do that until I actually go and visit that country. Sometimes I stand in the ethnic foods section at grocery stores but I either can’t read the language that the ingredients are in ( I don’t want to not know what I’m buying) or I don’t know how to cook with them. Plus grocery stores around where I live are also a bit limited in their ethnic foods choices, (mainly Mexican and Asian food sections). We have so many aspirations for future travels, but for now that’s all they are is aspirations. Hopefully one day. I hope to experience as many different cultures as I can. That’s why I appreciated their gift so much. They didn’t have to do anything, yet it felt like they gave us a secret into their culture. I’ve tried to ask them questions before about their culture but sometimes it can be hard because of the language barrier, but also to them it is probably hard to describe because to them it’s not a different culture, it’s their lives the way they choose to live it. Just like it would be hard for any American to describe their culture. Even though going to a different country you see stark differences in the way people dress, eat and act, that differs for each individual person still. I like seeing things like this because this is an instance of what a large majority of people in Taiwan enjoy as a treat or even just with daily tea. Anyway, even though I wasn’t sure how I would feel about them, (normally I don’t like pineapple, weird huh?) but I was pleasantly surprised. Although it did have a pineapple taste it wasn’t overwhelming like pineapple normally is for me. Anyways I just thought I would add that. I love food, and I love to give things a try. I will always try something once, be it pineapple cakes, chicken hearts, crickets, or even mealworms! (All of which I have tried before!)


Thank you for Reading!!


2 thoughts on “Creamy Parmesan Rice

  1. I love your blog, your posts are amazing! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other šŸ™‚ I am so glad I got to discover you ā¤


  2. Thank you! Of course! I just checked out your blog as well, and your toblerone truffles sound delectable! I wish I could follow you on here, but anytime I ever try to add my email address to follow someone it tells me that my email is invalid. Thank you for your kind words!
    I’ll definitely keep checking out your blog for new ideas though!
    Thanks again!
    Ala šŸ™‚


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