Cube Steak Parmesan

This dish is a fresh take on a classic. I found it while looking for beef recipes on pinterest and I thought it sounded really interesting. Now I’m glad I gave it a try! This recipe is from Fly Girls. As a warning this is a lengthy recipe so attempt when you have enough time to fully execute. It took me probably 2 hours to fully complete this dish. Maybe it would take someone with more experience less, but this was my first time ever dredging, breading and frying. Though I didn’t do perfect I think overall it was a success!

I had my four plates set up, the first one with the flour, the second the egg, the third the bread crumb/parmesan mixture, and the last for the finished product. It took me awhile to get a good system down. When I first started I was using my hands for everything and as I was going more of the mixture was getting on my hands than was on the beef! I soon moved onto a system where I used my hands for the flour and breadcrumbs, but used a fork for the egg. Although my hands still got pretty messy it was much better than it was before. Though I would recommend to either cut your nails pretty short, have a nail scrub brush or to wear gloves. Trying to wash my nails out after this was somewhat difficult, but not impossible!

Next it was time to brown them up in the frying pan. That posed some difficulty, but once I started to get the hang of it it was alright! At first I left them on one side too long and when I tried to pick them up the bottoms were stuck to the pan. I learned after trial and error to flip them regularly and that way they will still brown but wont stick to the pan. I also was having issues because the burner I was using wasn’t completely straight so the oil was all down in one end.

I didn’t have any cube steak, but I did have some roast meat that we had cut up into cubes, so that counts right? That was the only thing that was iffy about this dish, the fact that the meat was kinda chewy. Using a higher quality meat would’ve solved this problem, but you use what you got, right?


Overall I really liked this dish! I thought it was an interesting take, and I think I like it better than Chicken Parmesan. Chicken can sometimes get too dried out with this dish, or have too much breading, but that wasn’t the case with this! It seemed like the right amount of breading and wasn’t overcooked. I think it was successful overall!

Recommendations – have a plate with some paper towels on it ready to pat down the browned breading to get rid of excess oil. Also make sure that your oil is hot enough to brown them quickly but not too hot that they burn. Medium heat is recommended for this. If you use too low of heat, you risk your breading taking up too much of the oil and then tasting oil in the final product, but if your heat is too high you’ll burn the outside really quickly. If you have a splatter screen it might be a good idea to use it here, I got oil splatters in my eye and on my cheek, ouch. If I were to make this dish again I would add some kind of veggie to it.. Especially mushrooms! My pan was too tiny to add any this time, but if I had a different pan I would definitely add mushrooms maybe even another veggie too. Make it your own, and let me know how it goes!

I would definitely make it again! Serve it the way you choose! If you’re like Christian you like yours on top of noodles, but if you’re like me it’s on the side!




Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!


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