Skillet Cheesy Gnocchi with Ham and Corn

If you’re like me then you have a lot of extra ham… Before Easter my grandma called me asking me if I wanted a ham. She had bought one in preparation for Easter and then accidentally won one as well, so she had two! I told her that I would take quite a bit of it but I couldn’t take a whole one. I just didn’t have enough storage space to keep a whole ham.

So here is a recipe to use up some of that extra ham from the Easter holiday. (if you celebrate Easter in the US like us that is). This recipe is from Nutmeg Nanny and is for Skillet Cheesy Gnocchi with Peas and Ham.

Skillet Cheesy Gnocchi with Peas and Ham by Nutmeg Nanny

I only made a few changes to this recipe. I didn’t have any peas so I had to substitute with the only veggie we had: a can of corn. I know that we eat a lot of corn, but that’s just because of how cheap it is. I can buy a can of corn for 33 cents where as a bag of frozen vegetables are at least $1. Also I don’t really like a lot of canned vegetables. A lot of them get a really weird tinny taste, where as corn doesn’t really. Though I know it’s not the best of vegetables for you, it’s still definitely better than nothing at all. We definitely try to get some other veggies in our diet when they’re on sale, that just happens less often.

I also didn’t have whole milk, however I did have 1%, this made the sauce runnier than the picture, however it still had a great taste. My dish also looks a little more orange, because I just used a mixture of cheddar and colby jack cheese rather than all of those different kinds. I’m sure that using the mixture of those three would’ve tasted awesome, I just used what I had instead.

Ham Gnocchi

How did it turn out? Really great! It was really tasty and filling! I definitely think that peas would’ve been great with it but corn was good too! I would definitely make this dish again. It was easy and tasty. And of course cheesy… I respect those that are vegans, but I don’t know if I could ever do it myself. I love animal byproducts… Milk, Cheese, Honey, you name it. So like I said, I can respect it, but I couldn’t do it! Anyway, give this dish a try! I don’t know if I have any other recommendations for this dish other than giving the peas a try, it was pretty successful overall!


Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!


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