Swai Fillets

So I had been seeing Swai around grocery stores for awhile now and it was pretty cheap, I had just never heard of it before so I was afraid to get it and not like it. When I saw it at Aldi I decided it was time to give it a try. I love the low price, however the fillets are pretty big! To many this doesn’t sound like a problem, and trust me I love getting a big serving of fish like that. But at the same time, we got 2 dinners out of the 24 ounces of swai (when cooking for 3 people instead of the usual 2), but with 24 ounces of tilapia we would’ve gotten quite a few more dinners just because the fillets are smaller in size. I was planning on making these blackened but by the time I got around to making dinner it ended up later than I was expecting so I ended up changing courses.

For this time I decided not to really follow a specific recipe, more just throw a lot of spices on it from our cupboard. Sounds like a plan right? I ended up putting salt, pepper, paprika, and parsley. I was debating about adding some chili pepper or cayenne pepper, but I decided against it in fear of over spicing a fish that I had never tasted before. I should’ve just sucked it up and done it. That was the one thing that these fillets were missing. Anyway, I finished these off by putting small pads of butter along the top of the fish. (Maybe reading about Julia Child is getting to me… I must add butter! 😉 ) I popped them in the oven until they looked done (which ended up being about 15-20 minutes at 425 degrees). I just used the same way you would judge tilapia, when it looked completely white. I didn’t know if that was right at the time, but it worked out!


The fish was pretty mild and didn’t really have a bad “fishy” flavor. Although I may not be the best judge… I haven’t found anything from water that I haven’t liked so far. My silly father wont touch mussels or salmon, but I’m not as picky! Swai was actually very similar to tilapia, however I do think that I liked the taste of tilapia just a bit more. Maybe it was just the fillets we had, but they seemed almost too juicy, if that makes sense. That could possibly be because I used too much butter as well, (do you ever get to that point where you have to use most of a stick of butter and you don’t want to use all of it, but at the same time you also don’t want to put that tiny bit back in the fridge? Yeah that’s what this was like). But I am definitely willing to give it another go with this type of fish!


Like I said before, the only thing this could’ve used was a bit of a kick to it. But other than that I was definitely a fan! I also really liked that this fish (at least for me) stuck together pretty well. You know how sometimes the fish looks super pretty in the pan, but when you go to pick it up it crumbles right away? I’ve had that problem with Hake a lot. Swai, however, was hardy enough to stay whole! I was scrambling around the kitchen looking for a spatula to serve it with, because I still had to take pictures and of course I want them to be pretty, and by the time I came back my little brother had already put all three of them on our plates with his fork! Which worked out well because I was actually unable to find a spatula.

We served it with the Asparagus and Mushrooms I’ve posted about and some plain white rice! Boy was that meal super tasty! I’ll just have to give this fish another try with a different recipe.

Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!


3 thoughts on “Swai Fillets

  1. I’ve never heard of Swai either! It’s so dang hard to really get into quality seafood when we aren’t surrounded by the ocean here in the Midwest. Looks delicious though!


  2. Bluebonnetdirtroad – They were pretty good! I am definitely gonna be giving them another try sometime. Do you have a favorite recipe to prepare them with?

    I completely agree Quinn! I love everything about the midwest except that. (Although you will probably hear me complain about the cold at some point too, even though I have recently realized that I enjoy winter). I always thought I hated winter, but after living out in San Diego for a year I realized that I missed winter a lot, which surprised me… As soon as I go out of town to the coast though, almost always the first thing I’m looking for is a meal that has some fresh seafood. I also love clams, but it’s too hard to find good ones in the midwest, because most of the ones they sell are already cracked open so you can’t eat them.. I just want the best of both worlds! I want great seafood, and the ability to live where I love!



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