Not Your Normal Scrambled Eggs

Sorry for being MIA, this weekend I came down with a cold, and though it wasn’t as bad as other illnesses, it definitely put me in no mood to cook. So I’m just gonna post a quick one today. I’m feeling better now so I’m getting right back on track cooking recipes. And I have a lot planned. I’m trying a lot of new recipes. Things I’ve never even tried eating let alone made.

I don’t have a picture of this one because I wasn’t necessarily planning on posting it when I first made it. But the other day Christian and I made some delicious scrambled eggs! Originally I was planning to make mine into an omelet, but I guess I must have gotten a little too topping happy because it was too big and wouldn’t close so I ended up scrambling it up. Scrambled eggs are obviously a super cheap meal choice. But how do you make it so that you get filled up and don’t sit around with an unhappy hungry stomach? I’ll show you! This recipe was PACKED with protein. We had five eggs left out of our dozen, so it ended up being about 2.5 eggs per person, but that was plenty! Christian was full after eating his and I couldn’t even finish mine!

We wanted a quick meal because we were going to meet up with some people from our classes and this ended up being just the thing. There was also some leftover ham from Easter that I wanted to use up! So to start out we put our toppings into the frying pan to warm them up thoroughly, which for us included: some chopped up bits of ham, a half can of mushrooms (for each of us), and about 1/2 cup cooked quinoa we had left over. After sauteing these up, we set them to the side and started scrambling our eggs. Once they’re almost done, add in some cheese and your toppings, mix it all up and you have yourself a quick meal!

At first we tried leaving the toppings in and adding our eggs. This will only work if you shove your toppings to one side and scramble the eggs in the other. If you scramble the eggs on top of the toppings, the quinoa sticks to the eggs and creates an odd texture in your mouth. Sounds weird I know but that’s at least how it was to me. If you don’t mind that then don’t worry about it!

It would’ve also been good with some spinach, some feta cheese instead of just the cheddar I had. I also think that some thyme would’ve been good added in. Other than that, eggs can be whatever you please, so try the combination that suits your tastes! If you find a magic mixture of toppings, let me know what they are!

Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!


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