Chickpea Curry

Another first! Yet this one didn’t go as well as the others. It was my first time every eating Indian Cuisine, so before yesterday I had only ever imagined what the flavors would taste like, however my imagination is much better than what I had last night. For awhile now I have been wanting to try curry, but I didn’t want buy all of the spices and end up not liking it, so i bought a pre-made sauce. Looking back I feel like making my own sauce would’ve tasted much better but it’s easy to say that now! (Plus spices are kind of expensive, so I was trying to avoid that). I took inspiration from One Ingredient Chef’s Coconut Sweet Potato Curry, however I wont blame them for my failure.That was all my own (oh and the sauce from Walmart’s fault). I diced up my sweet potatoes, added my chickpeas and the sauce and let that cook at a medium temperature. (I was planning on adding the onion and zucchini, but I just forgot to).

That’s when the waiting game started. I let it cook for half an hour stirring every once in awhile, with the lid on. When I checked it? The sweet potatoes were practically raw. I let them cook for another 20 minutes, and still they were hardly cooked. I added some frozen spinach to the dish as well at about the 40 minute mark because I hoped that it would be done at the 50 minute mark. Alas I had no luck. At that point it was already pretty late and my tummy was grumbling. So I gave up. When I tried the sauce it tasted pretty sweet, nothing like the extremely flavorful spicy aroma I had previously imagined.

So overall I ended up with uncooked sweet potatoes, overall a sweet completely non-spicy sauce, and overall lameness. Sorry for my lack of better description words, I was just severely disappointed in the dish last night.

However, I will give curry another try, just probably not right away. First I’ll collect the spices and try and make an authentic curry rather than buying it from a jar. Lesson learned.


It looks pretty, however looks can be misleading….

What’s the best curry recipe you’ve tried?

Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!


4 thoughts on “Chickpea Curry

  1. I believe you! I’ve heard so many people talk about how much they love it that’s why I was surprised when this tasted nothing like I would’ve expected. I am definitely going to give it another try sometime. Do you have a favorite recipe you use?


  2. my little boy love chickpeas, dried roasted chana is his favourite, that’s the Indian name for chickpeas. I haven’t really tried my own chickpea/chana curry, but I will have to again – those I have made have not lived up to expectations either!


  3. Well if you find a recipe that tastes amazing please let me know!! I’d love to hear it. We’ve made roasted chickpeas before and they were really good. Last time we made them savory, but next time we were thinking it be a good idea to mix chickpeas up with some honey and cinnamon and then roast them.
    Thanks for reading!


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