Freekeh “Meat”balls

If you’ve never heard of Freekeh, I don’t blame you. It’s relatively new to us too. We stumbled upon it on accident actually. I was trying to search for new side dishes because we were starting to get tired of the same rice, pasta, or quinoa with every dish. So while searching Pinterest I came across this recipe for Garlic Parmesan Farro. At the time I had never heard of Farro, but it seemed like exactly the kind of new side dish we were looking for. It looks like the site with the recipe is down at the moment but I’m going to attach the link because not only do I want to give the original author their credit due, I want to save it because I didn’t write down this recipe, and it was super tasty! So I hope that it gets put back up soon. Anyways, we went to a specialty healthy grocery store in the area to try and find this odd ingredient. However after asking the worker they said they had never heard of it before but to check their stock of Bob’s Red Mill products. We went over and still couldn’t find farro, but since I had looked at a picture of it before, I thought that the Freekeh on the shelf looked the most similar. I had never heard of Freekeh before either but since it was the closest thing we could find we decided to give it a try in place of the Farro in this recipe.

Freekeh is a roasted type of green wheat. It comes in either cracked or whole varieties and it is popular in middle eastern cuisine.

However all of this is just background for today’s recipe of Freekeh meatballs. It seems fitting to eat a vegetarian meal on earth day, so here we go!

I tried to follow this recipe pretty closely, however I didn’t use a potato because I didn’t have one. I also added Italian seasoning to mine just for some extra flavor. Other than that everything else was the same recipe wise, execution wise I decided to make my meatballs much bigger than 1 tablespoon. I did this because I only have one small cookie sheet and didn’t really feel like making multiple trips back and forth from the kitchen.


I don’t have any pictures from when I took them out of the oven, sorry. But they were messy. Since I used tinfoil instead of the recommended parchment paper, mine started to stick to the tinfoil ripping it up in many places, peeling off chunks of meatball everywhere. So they weren’t pretty, but it did give us a nice snack being able to eat all the chunks that fell off 🙂 So you’ll just have to imagine these “Freekeh” looking meatballs… 😉

The plan was to make Swedish meatballs, (which I understand there is an actual recipe for, however normally I just throw some meatballs in the crock pot with two cans of cream of mushroom soup, and one can of water). This time I also decided to throw in a can of corn. I’ve done this with regular meatballs all the time and it seems to work out, but this was my first time ever making vegetarian meatballs.

All seemed well until I went to mix it up before serving. The balls completely disintegrated. It was disappointing. It turned into Swedish sauce instead of Swedish meatballs. Oh well, another one bites the dust….


It was okay, but not amazing. I think if I were to make these meatballs again I would change the dish. I don’t think that these will ever have the ability to stand up to a crockpot on low heat, unless they got super browned all around the sides, which mine didn’t really do. (I possibly may have forgotten to brush them with olive oil before cooking them though like the recipe suggested…. oops.) Even still, though the ones from the original image look browned, they don’t look all brown like you would need to keep these together in a crockpot. Instead I think that these would do well on top of spaghetti covered in some marinara, (and maybe some parmesan 😉 )

(Writing this reminded me of a song I used to listen to when I was little… On top of spaghettiiiiiii all covered with cheese, I lost my poor meatball when somebody sneezed….) Luckily that didn’t happen to me because tonight there were no actual meatballs to be eaten, just some Freekeh sauce.

Though the meatballs themselves were tasty, I don’t think that their nutty aroma went the best with the sweedish meatball sauce, so for now I’m gonna stick with the ground beef meatballs I have been making before. Until of course I find a new interesting recipe to try.

You better watch out because these meatballs are freekeh! 😉

Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!


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