Roast Beef

Really simple recipe tonight, and honestly it didn’t take as long as I was expecting. (That could be because my roast was only about one pound, but it was enough for the two of us!) I found a recipe that I wanted to give a try from A Sweet Pea Chef, but I just didn’t have the materials to make it. So last minute I looked up a new recipe that I could do quickly. I found this one from CopyKat Recipe that looked simple enough.

You can make the perfect roast beef with this recipe.

I followed the recipe but added some garlic powder, basil, and parsley to the top of it. It was super easy, just popped it in the oven for a half an hour, pulled it out, covered it with tinfoil while I used the juices to make some Yorkshire Puddings. (Recipe and results to come later)


I thought it was super tasty! I still wanna try the other recipe but I was still pretty dang happy with the results.


If your looking for an easy roast dish this would be a go to. However you could probably get a better flavor and make it more tender by marinading it for awhile. I was more excited about the Yorkshire Puddings to be honest. Next time, I would also use the juices to make a homemade gravy to pour on top of the roasts as well as the puddings. That would be great.

Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!


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