Yorkshire Puddings


I know I’ve told you guys about all the projects I’ve been working on for school, however that’s also not the full story. The other day I took one day off of schoolwork to go on a nice hike. It was a lot of fun and we were able to see quite a bit of wildlife including 3 bald eagles, multiple hawks, and 2 beavers. (I also got some ticks on me but luckily none had attached by the time I noticed them)  It was so nice to see animals out in the wild doing their thing. I’ll take that over going to a zoo any day.

Personally, popovers are one of my favorite foods. I had no idea that they were originally savory dishes called Yorkshire Puddings. However, I stumbled across this traditional dish when I was looking for a side dish to go along with our roast beef. Since I had never before made roast beast I had no idea what would go well with it. So of course I turned to the internet. A reoccurring theme was this thing called a Yorkshire Pudding that I had honestly never even heard of before.

After looking at the recipe I realized that it was similar to a popover but instead had the yummy roast beef juices in it. Plus it cooks in the time that the roast needs to rest anyway!

The original recipe is from Closet Cooking and looks much better than mine turned out!

Yorkshire Pudding

Not that mine turned out bad, just that mine ended up looking a little pale in comparison to these brown beauties.


I followed the recipe fully, however since my roast was only about one pound, I didn’t have a ton of juice to use. Therefore I added the juices into the batter, but I used butter in the bottom of the pan. It worked beautifully, nothing stuck to the pan at all.


I had issues only because my pizza ovens were too small. When I went to check on them they had risen too much and the tops would rip off as I pulled them out. A problem that would be nonexistent to those of you with actual ovens. The recipe was super easy to make overall and I will definitely be making this again. However if I am going to go with the savory route, I’ll have to use either more juices and put them in the bottom or make a gravy to go on top just like the original poster did. I can’t wait to make these again in a real oven. It will be so awesome!

puddings2Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!


3 thoughts on “Yorkshire Puddings

  1. Thank you for visiting! Though they might not have looked as bad as I was making them out to be, I forgot to mention that they were a little underdone in the middle, but that’s just because of the issues I was having. I just wished they would’ve looked browner, but I had to take them out because some of them puffed up so high they were touching the heating element in the top of the pizza oven and burning haha. If you have a traditional recipe for Yorkshire Puddings that is different from this one, please share I’d love to hear!
    Thanks again for reading!


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