Brat & Sauerkraut Skillet

Summers coming up, which means that many of us are starting to fire up their grills. What is the perfect item for those grills? Brats. Definitely Brats. And the perfect pairing to those brats? Sauerkraut. At least in my eyes that is!

As I’ve mentioned, this last week of leftover food is going to be very boring. Yet I still want to share recipes with the world. Therefore I thought I might share some recipes I made before the blog began. So for this one I don’t have any pictures, I’ll just have to use words to create some mental imagery!

Brats and Sauerkraut, for me you can’t have one without the other. Though I know that many don’t feel the same way, for those of you who do, here’s a new take on the traditional combination.

My grandma taught me the correct way to make sauerkraut. First, if you’re buying sauerkraut, the best options always come in a bag rather than a can. Though many might think that you don’t need to do anything after taking the sauerkraut out of the bag, you can enhance the flavor by putting it in a saucepan, and adding a tablespoon or two of brown sugar and caraway seeds. Warm it through and you have yourself a tasty treat.

But the day after you have your grilling delights, you have all of this leftover Brats and Sauerkraut, what can you do with that? Well here is an idea!

First, cut up some colored bell peppers, mushrooms, and cut up your brats into rounds. Start sauteing all three of these in a couple tablespoons of olive oil. After these have browned, add in the leftover sauerkraut. After the whole thing is warmed through you have yourself a tasty meal!

Deliver this steaming dish to your dinning room tables, savor the colorful sauteed peppers and delicious mushrooms. Take a bite of the juicy brats counteracted by the sour taste of the sauerkraut. I’ve even had people who aren’t huge fans of sauerkraut not mind this meal. That’s saying something! Imagine how it would taste if you enjoy sauerkraut! I’m not saying that you should spend money on the ingredients if you hate sauerkraut. But if you have leftovers this is the meal to make!

Recommendations? Maybe try this dish topped with some Bar-B-Que sauce drizzled all over the top. That could make it really tasty!

I hope you enjoy this recipe! I’m proud to say that I made it up myself!

Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!


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