Tortilla Chips

This recipe is super easy, and only utilizes 4 ingredients! Learn how to make homemade tortilla chips from Simply Scratch.

I didn’t have most of the ingredients… But that didn’t stop me from trying this recipe! I had some flour tortillas that were expiring this month so I figured we could use them up. I only had table salt as well, rather than kosher salt. I used olive oil instead of bacon fat. I did actually have limes, but not enough for the whole meal, so I used half the amount of limes and supplemented with lemon juice.


How did it turn out? Pretty good. I think that if I would have followed the actual recipe exactly they would’ve been much better, but that’s just me. They were really good to two people at least! They both took home all the leftovers, (which is good because I don’t need them!) The only thing that was bothersome to me is how long it took to make these. Since I was cooking for 8 people I made a double recipe. however I only had two cookie sheets so it took a long time to cook them all. However I was in the kitchen making other things anyway so it wasn’t a big deal. I will definitely make these again, however I don’t know how necessary the bacon grease is. I’m sure that it tastes delicious, but I’m sure that olive oil like I used is a fine alternative, especially if you want to make these a little bit healthier. So I want to try these again, actually using corn tortilla shells, kosher salt and full lime, but I would probably still use olive oil. I think it would be so awesome like that.

I took a lot of pictures of these… So here we go!






tortillachips9Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!



4 thoughts on “Tortilla Chips

  1. Thank you so much! I’m trying to improve, I know that if you look at certain posts the pictures are not good. I got a recommendation to work on my photography so I’m working on it so I appreciate this a lot!
    Thanks for Reading!


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