Pico De Gallo

This is my last Chipotle copycat to share for now. We also made some flank steak using the Lawry’s Santa Fe sauce for an easy flavorful steak to top our burrito bowls. We grilled it up and then cut it up in small pieces just like you would get at Chipotle. Oh and of course avocado slices on top, (one day I’ll copy the guac but this was enough for me!)  This recipe for Pico De Gallo is a spin off of the popular Chipotle recipe.

Copycat Chipotle Pico de Gallo Recipe

I ended up having to change a few things to make this recipe work for us. That included using a full jalapeno because to be honest I didn’t feel like saving 3/4ths of a jalapeno I’d rather just use it all. I used more Cilantro to because I didn’t want to save that either. I just bought one bunch from the store, used half for this and half for the corn salsa I posted. The last change that I had to make was the one that ruined the Chipotle flavor. I had some tomatoes at home that I had to use up, I don’t know specifically what kind of tomatoes they were, however they were way too sweet for this operation. My mom now tells me that they were Roma tomatoes.


Since they were smaller they were harder to chop into small pieces, Don’t even get me started about chopping the onion. I was doing fine and then all of a sudden I was bawling. So I am crying so badly I couldn’t see a thing, chopping quickly to try and get it done and praying that I didn’t chop off a finger. Our knives are so dull that probably wouldn’t be a problem. it would probably just end up being a lengthy cut instead. However I still didn’t want one of those so I was hoping I didn’t do that. I guess I got started on the onion either way…


So overall I don’t know how to judge this one…. It was good, just too sweet. And that was obvious because it’s one of the few things that we had leftovers of. I don’t want to count it out though. I want to give it another try. So, the next time I make Chipotle burrito bowls at home I will try this again and repost the results. I want to say that it’s going to be awhile before I make this whole meal again, because honestly, that was a lot of work… However, that being said, this year my mom is ordering a CSA box that sends farm-fresh veggies to your door every week, which comes with all of the ingredients, and at my dad’s house, we’re planting a garden. So we will have plenty of these ingredients on hand so we might just have to give this Salsa another try.

I guess I should explain my scenario. My parents have been divorced since I was 5, and I’ve been rotating on almost the same schedule since then. My father is now engaged to a lovely woman named Dani who has three kids. So it is likely that on Monday’s and Tuesdays or on some weekends I will be cooking for 7-8 people depending on whether or not Christian comes over. On the other days I may just be cooking for 3-4.

Do you have any suggestions for cooking for 8 people? Cooking for 3-4 is easy. I have some ideas, but I always like to hear more. I have a couple recommendations from Christian’s awesome aunt that I have yet to make. I haven’t tried them yet but I for sure haven’t forgotten about them. I will always take suggestions, can’t promise I will make them. Dietary/Monetary restrictions may constrict this but I will likely try!

Now that you’ve seen all of the components to the meal, you probably want to see what it all looked like together, huh?


Some people add sour cream, but that’s not really my style. But that’s the great thing about these, you could do what ever you please to them. Make them your own! I thought about making some beans to go with this but for some reason I thought that we had enough food 😉


Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!



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