A very traditional dish, however many people like to throw in their own twists. I am no exception! I have my own variation to this classic dish. Boy did we make a lot of it too. We ended up having two and a half lasagnas by the time we were done.

So what’s the process behind my lasagna? Well it all goes back to the sauce. This time I used two pounds of ground beef and I seasoned it just like I did before with the Zucchini Cups that I made. I then added three jars of sauce. It didn’t matter what types to me I actually ended up using three different types haha. Everything’s better with mushrooms too (in my opinion at least) so I added two of those little blue containers of fresh mushrooms, but I know that not everyone thinks the same way, so if you don’t like something, leave it out or replace it with something else!

After making the sauce it was time to start assembling the lasagna. Personally I also don’t boil my noodles before assembling and cooking my lasagna. All you have to do is add a little extra sauce than you normally would and cook it a little longer. I’m sure if you were trying to save time that parboiling would work, but I don’t like cooking them completely beforehand because then by the time it’s done your noodles are all mushy. Who wants mushy noodles? Anyways to assemble mine I ladled some sauce into the bottom of my pan to try and stop it from sticking to the pan. Then I put a layer of noodles on top of that. Next was the cheese! I like to load mine on with cheese, because if you didn’t know or couldn’t tell, I like cheese haha. I’m not a big fan of ricotta. I know, a classic lasagna cheese, it’s just something about the texture. So instead of ricotta, I use some crumbled feta. So this layer is a combination of mozzarella, Parmesan, and feta. Ya know why? Because feta makes it betta! I repeat this pattern of sauce noodles cheese until I get to the top of my lasagna.


The cook time is the only thing I’m not sure about. I told my dad to cook it at 350 for two hours with tin foil on top because I get home from work later than him, but when I got home the bottoms of the lasagna were burned. So I think if I were to do this again I would start out at 1.5 hours. Also, about 20 minutes before the end of the cook time, remove the foil to let the cheese get brown on top. Overall I’m not completely sure about the cook time, just keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t burn.


Overall the taste is okay, but I’m sure it would be much better if it wasn’t burnt. I will definitely make this again because lasagna is one of my favorite foods! So if I make this one again I’ll try and update the cook time. This dish is super easy, it just takes quite awhile from start to finish which can be semi outputting for some individuals. However another great aspect to this dish is that you can pre-make most of it and just throw it in the oven the day you were hoping to have it. That way the long process can be split up between multiple days!



I know I promised that I would be writing posts more once I got home… So far I guess I’ve broken that promise. I have a reason! I know it sounds like an excuse but it’s true! I’m in an accelerated online course that will be done next week. We have to write a long paper for it every week so so far I’ve been focusing on that when I’m not working at my full time job. I really do promise that I’m not forgetting about you guys!

Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!



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