Quiona Stuffed Portobella Mushrooms


I really love mushrooms. I’ve been wanting to make stuffed mushrooms for quite awhile now but was waiting for the right opportunity. (ya know, an opportunity with an actual oven) I had a couple of different recipes on my pinterest, the only question was which one to make. These Quinoa Stuffed Mushrooms from The Kitchen Paper won the day!

For the most part I stayed true to this recipe however I of course had to make a couple changes. I kept the basic ingredients the same, the quinoa, onion, bell pepper ( I used red), garlic, spinach, just like the recipe said, however by itself I thought this may be a bit dry, so I added a can of traditional spaghetti sauce. I also had mozzarella on hand so I used that instead of the gorgonzola like the recipe called for. Other than that everything was the same.

I didn’t get a picture of all of them, however I did take pictures of individual ones. After taking these out of the oven I had exactly the one I wanted already picked out. It was perfect, with delicious browned gooey looking cheese covering the top. What do I do then as I’m trying to transfer this piece of perfection onto my plate? I drop it cheese side down onto the table….. At least the table was recently cleaned at the time so I was able to put it back on my plate with as much success as you can have turning over something with a ton of tiny little pieces of quinoa in it. Ah well, still tasted incredibly delicious.


See? Doesn’t look too bad!! I think the cheese helped to hold it all in there.

stuffedmushroomsNow this one was Christian’s, looks pretty dang good if I say so myself.

Overall I would definitely make this again. For changes I think that the pizza-y flavor could be taken to the next level, leaving all of the previous ingredients but also adding pepperoni or sausage chunks. That could be extended also to any of your other favorite pizza toppings, bacon, Canadian bacon, black olives, you name it!  Maybe I would try it as the original recipe specified, however like I said, I think that would be a bit dry. Now that I think about it actually, maybe this is just weird ideas spewing out of my head that actually have no room to be on someones plate.. But what about some fried rice, (or fried quinoa) stuffed mushrooms? Drizzled with Sriracha or something like that? Or going off of the Asian idea… Bear with me this one may get weird. Filling a mushroom, (even small baby bellas) with your favorite eggroll filling and then wrapping the whole thing in an eggroll wrapper and deep frying them. Then dipping them in either fish sauce or sriracha aioli. Sounds good, huh? Maybe not, but what I’m trying to get at is that the possibilities are endless. Maybe this was a gateway mushroom, now I will continue to stuff them forever! Actually I just love mushrooms in general, and trust me I will definitely be making this again.

stuffedmushrooms4Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!



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