Loaded Apple Nachos

I have a confession to make. I didn’t read the recipe I kind of just guessed the recipe from the picture. So instead of saying that this recipe came from blank, lets instead say the inspiration for this recipe came from Begin Within Nutrition. Loaded Apple Nachos ~vegan, gluten free~  An after-school-snack the whole family will enjoy! I was looking for a recipe that was gluten free. Last night we had a game night with Christian’s family and he has two family members, his mom and his aunt, that have to eat gluten free, and I didn’t know what I could make that would be something everyone would like, and that was super cheap and easy! This recipe fit the bill, especially how I made it. This isn’t to say that the original recipe is hard, however the way I made it had even less ingredients.

carmel apple

All I did is cut the apples into slices, (actually I had Christian’s cousin do that) and then we arranged them nicely on the plate, drizzled it with caramel (I just used some store bought, on another day maybe I would make my own but not today) and then sprinkled some mini chocolate chips all over the top. Super easy! I also thought about sprinkling some heath pieces on top, but as you guys likely know I don’t have a ton of disposable income and thought it would be good enough without spending $3 on a bag of heath that would probably go bad before I got another chance to use them.


How did they taste? Well awesome, but that could be assumed because green apples and caramel are such a classic combination, and chocolate chips, well those make everything better. I also liked how this seemed like something sweet, but didn’t feel horribly bad for you at the same time. It is light and doesn’t make your stomach feel heavy, however you can still get rid of that sweet tooth aching in your mouth. I have a horrible sweet tooth, I’m trying to regulate it, however if you have a sweet tooth you understand how hard it can be.


I would definitely make these again. They were great in a pinch because they have so little ingredients and is super yummy. I will also probably try the original recipe in the future too at some point. I would definitely recommend this recipe.

I will also add the other pictures if my phone ever decides to cooperate….

Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!



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