Overnight French Toast Bake

This is one of my favorite recipes. I have made it multiple times and it has never disappointed. It was one of the first recipes that I ever tried off of Pinterest and I have used it multiple times since. It’s really great when you’re in a time pinch. That way you can make it the night before and just pop it in the oven in the morning. The recipe to which I am referring is this Overnight French Toast Bake. It’s really easy. Personally I love french toast. Growing up it was my absolute favorite breakfast. I never thought that anything would be able to top it in my mind. Until this came along…

Overnight French Toast

This is now at the top of my list. It’s super easy and although it takes a little bit of planning ahead of time it is really quick to make overall. I of course make a few changes to the recipe and have my normal recommendations, but this simple recipe is hard to mess up. (unless you burn it of course… but there’s timers for that!) The original recipe calls for fancy bread, which I’m sure is amazing, however (knew that was coming didn’t you??) I have never tried using any of those before and I don’t necessarily feel the need to anytime soon. I usually just use regular white bread, even better when its starting to go stale. I really like to use stale bread for this recipe because it’s bread that otherwise likely wont be eaten. Plus the egg/milk mixture moistens the bread and after it sits in the fridge overnight its perfect for this recipe. I don’t always add pecans based on whether or not I have them in the cupboard.



I don’t have pictures of other times that I made this recipe, just the once, but the idea of course remains the same. Those are the only things I change to the actual recipe, however I do like to add stuff. One time I tried to make an apple compote but it actually ended up being like applesauce instead, though even as applesauce the flavor was good with this. My second experiment was the best. I made a blueberry compote from scratch and then placed slices of fresh bananas on top. That was amazing. I’m sure that almost any combination would work well with this recipe… especially fresh raspberries. Yum! It’s also good plain and simple with some butter and syrup. Or add nutella and strawberries. I’m telling you the combinations are almost endless.


Another great thing is that it’s a very family friendly recipe. With some recipes families may get nervous whether or not everyone will like the flavors, however since this is just a new twist on an old classic it is likely that there wont be any complainers. Just last week we had some family members visiting, and although the children were afraid of trying something so new and foreign to them, they quickly learned that new isn’t always bad.


This is also a good recipe if you’re expecting a crowd at all. You don’t have to sit there and flip pancakes or french toast on a griddle. You can sit and enjoy time together drinking coffee or tea while this tasty morsel bubbles away in the oven.

Overall, I have known from the first bite I took of this recipe that this would be a keeper. This will be a recipe to put in my recipe binder for sure!

Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!



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