Chocolate Eclair Cake + Cookies & Cream Bars

Hello! I’m back at school again! Trying to get re-situated once more! This is my last semester of classes and I am packed! With 5 classes and an internship I am thinking that this is going to be a busy semester. I have so got to get back in the grove. Everything went so wrong last night when I was trying to make dinner that I ended up having to order a pizza. I’ll go out and buy some materials and try again tonight…. Hopefully this time it will all work out. All in all I’m excited to be graduating this semester and hoping that it goes well! The post I’m writing today is about some recipes that I made over the summer.

This year our neighborhood decided to try and revive an old tradition. The neighborhood block party. It has been years since the last block party in our neighborhood, so long, in fact that I don’t even remember the last one, even though my parents tell me that we went. In the neighborhood that we live in, we are currently the family that has been here the longest. We were the third house to be built in the development but since the first two families have moved out. We’ve seen this neighborhood change a lot throughout the years. Though we have been here the longest, we were also some of the youngest kids on the block. Because of this, we’ve watched the other kids grow up and move out, watched it stay a neighborhood without children for awhile, until it came full circle and returned to a young family neighborhood with a lot of little kids. When we were younger we would always greet the newest additions to the neighborhood with a freshly made tray of brownies, (which were only missing a few slices…) but over the years people were moving in and out so quickly that we lost the practice.

One ambitious family decided that this year was the year that we become a real neighborhood again. Of course they have small children and are likely using this as a reason to get to know the parents of the kids that their children are hanging out with. That family has lived in the neighborhood for quite awhile, (probably long enough to be one of our last brownie recipients) but not long enough to have seen the last block party. Whatever the reason it was interesting to see the whole neighborhood all together now but a good experience overall.

I bet you might be wondering what all that neighborhood mumbo jumbo has to do with this post. It was the neighborhood block party that I was preparing for when I decided to make this Chocolate Eclair Cake by The Girl Who Ate Everything. I make this and another dessert to take with us.

This Eclair Cake has a cream puff crust, vanilla cream cheese layer, whipped cream, and a chocolate drizzle. It's all the flavors of an eclair in cake form.

Normally I would put these on two separate posts… However I had one of those ‘Doh! Moments while making these. You see, I thought that my stepsister was taking photos of the desserts, she thought that I was taking pictures of the desserts, plus the fact that we decided to do this so last minute that by the time we were done the party had actually started all added up to the fact that we ended up getting one picture of one of the desserts… and then I lost it… Oops! The second dessert that we made was some Cookies & Cream Bars from Cookies and Cups.

Potluck Oreo Bars, simple and easily a crowd favorite!

Both of the recipes ended up looking almost exactly like their professional looking counterparts, which is surprising because I am nowhere near professional standards! (Could be because I just brought them over in the 9×13 casserole dish that I made them in rather than cutting them into little perfect squares… But details smetails….)

What I loved about both of these recipes is that they were both super easy and really tasty! I didn’t try the end product of the eclair cake but I sampled all of the components and I was impressed. I did try the end product of the cookies and cream bars and I loved those though. I followed both of these recipes mostly to a T the only change I made was adding more cookies to the cookies and cream bars than were required… oops! 😉

However if you have an upcoming shindig, either of these are the perfect solution!

Sorry if this first post back is a little disappointing, but I’m sure I’ll get back in the swing of things!

Happy Eating & Thanks for Reading!



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